All members will receive a quarterly newsletter, which will be sent to our private member’s email list, hosted on MailChimp. Members with no email addresses will receive a newsletter by snail mail. We are also sending regular updates by email to our members. Individual and family membership have voting rights. Organizations and bands receive the benefits listed below, but do not get a vote.

  1. Any organization, individual, family or band may join.
  2. Memberships renewed or purchased after June 1 are good through the end of the following calendar year.
  3. Memberships purchased before June 1 are good through the end of the current calendar year.
  4. Individual $10, Family $15.
  5. Band: $50, include a business card listing on newsletters, email blasts, and the website with a booking phone number.
  6. Organizational Membership, $100, includes a business card listing on newsletters, email blasts, and the website . Website listing will include a link to the organization’s website, and quarterly updates made if submitted.

The Milan Bluegrass Festival is offering our individual and family members a $5 discount on their 3-day advance ticket. Individual Members receive 1 discounted ticket, and Family Memberships receive 2 discounted tickets. Be sure to mention your membership when you purchase your advance ticket.

On nights when the Association has a scheduled jam at The Kentuckians of Michigan, you receive a $1 discount on admission when you show your member card.

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Select a membership category:

 Individual, $10           Family, $15            Band, $50              Organization, $100

First name(s):__________________________________________________________________________

Last name:____________________________________________________________________________


City:_______________________________________________State:_______ Zip:_______________




Print this form using the “Print Friendly” icon below, fill in and send with your check to:

Brenda Holdridge
Treasurer, SMBMA
10131 County Road N.
Delta OH 43515-9299


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