An Idea is Born

On July 16, 2014 nine individuals met for lunch. It was decided that an organization was needed to boost the presence of bluegrass music in Southeast Michigan. We rolled up our sleeves were soon joined by over 75 people who also believe that together we can preserve and promote the presence of bluegrass music in our area. Two additional organizationial meetings have been held as of September, 2014. We are rolling and hope you will join our efforts.

The SMBMA board is:

Bill Warren, President

Wendy Smith, Vice President

Pam Warren, Secretary, Website, Facebook

Pat Boggs, Treasurer, Newsletter

Brenda Holdridge, Hall of Honor

Steve Harper, Events, Youth and Outreach

Bobby Hutch, At Large

Jerry Eicher, At Large

Mark Gaynier, At Large

Freda Smith, At Large



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