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Bobby Hutch

Bobby HutchBobby Hutch (Robert Boggs) Has been a musician all his life, before and after his tour of duty in the Army which began in 1956. Bobby played in several bands in his home state of Kentucky before and after his military service.

Bobby and his family moved to the Detroit area in 1964. He worked at General Motors and wrote songs. He organized a band in 1976 and has been performing continuously in Southeast Michigan and beyond since that time.
In 1984 E.J. Slatton and Bobby went together and began promoting weekly bluegrass shows at the Huron Valley Eagles, Flatt Rock, Michigan. In 1990, Bobby and E.J. moved their operation to Taylor, Michigan at the WRC hall and hosted major bluegrass acts through the winter of 1994. During the early days, Bobby and E.J. Slatton often dug into their own pockets to keep the show going. There was also a series of shows at the Coon Hunter’s Club in Romulus.
The early shows were a family affair, with wives working the kitchen and son Gary helping with the sound.

Bobby receives his plaque from Bill Warren at the Milan Bluegrass Festival in 2016

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