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Larry McDaniel

The late Larry McDaniel, was a long-time broadcaster in the Detroit area. His program, The Arkansas Traveller, ran on WDET 101.9 FM from 1977 to 2009, primarily on Saturday afternoons. The show was so popular that an attempt by management to cancel it in 2004 caused such a listener uproar (and decline in pledges) that it was brought back the following year. Larry continued the 3 hour program until December of 2009 when it was finally cancelled by the station, despite high ratings and loyal listener support.

He was also a strong advocate for the IBMA, an attendee at many World of Bluegrass conventions, where he was involved in the organization’s various radio and broadcast activities.

McDaniel’s friend Dan Blatter shared a few words to mark his passing.

Larry McDaniel“Larry was instrumental in organizing the WDET Bluegrass Festival which turned into a multi-year music festival for the station. He was also a great supporter of the NewTradition concert series which my wife Janet and I were involved with.

His broadcast professionalism, support of bluegrass music, booming voice, and good-natured personality will be greatly missed.

Text and photos used by permission from Bluegrass Today.

Margaret Rayburn accepts her father’s plaque from Mark Gaynier.


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